Friday, 7 June 2013

It's A Neon Summer.

One of the biggest trends this summer is neon colours and I have to say as I do with many of summer 2013's trends, I love it. If it's done right then it's fabulous and adds something eye-catching and fun to a plain, boring outfit; That's my favourite way to style neon instead of piling lots of different neon colours into one outfit- I think that's a little bit too much and can look tacky. Zara is stocking some amazing neon pieces this season as are many of the high street stores however Zara's summer stock is just amazing; as Victoria BakerHarber tweeted a few days ago 'Is Zara just not the best thing that has ever happened to Fashion?' - completely agree!

My favourite colour this summer is neon yellow. Although it really is an 'out there' colour, I think incorporating it into a neutral outfit is just fabulous. My favourite way to do this is with accessories especially a bag. The neon yellow bag Michael Kors has brought out this summer is just to die for and Zara are doing many similar style bags that colour on the slightly cheaper side. Yellow is not the only neon Zara are stocking this summer, I picked up a stunning electric/neon blue bag with cream straps which I am looking forward to wearing this summer.

What are your favourite summer trends and how are you wearing them? Let me know in the comments and send me links to your posts.
Need to pick this up!!


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