Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Row Fall 2014

Mary-Kate and Ashley are two girls I have the uppermost respect for. They started off on a kids TV show in dungaree's and pinafore's and now they have their own show at NYFW and one that is looked upon highly by the fashion world. The fashion forward twins said backstage that they focused on 'shapes and draping' which was apparent when viewing the collection as detail was scarce in the majority of the pieces. I would expect a collection to be slightly tedious without detail however I think this was a very interesting collection and depicted the girls high-end style and their lavish taste in fabrics  impeccably.

We saw a lot of defined collars in this collection which was clearly a big contribution to the Olsen's idea of shapes as it carved the rest of the looks silhouette which was elongated. Many of the pieces were oversized but still tailored to fit the models flawlessly and were often paired with creased grey socks looking almost school-girl like which is a contrast many designers wouldn't risk. The colour pallet consisted of nudes and burgundy and although some people would class this as 'keeping it safe' I definitely think it is a risk restricting the colour pallet to only nude's and think it was sagacious of MK and Ashley to add a little pop of colour.

I see an improvement in the Olsen twins every time they present a new collection at Fashion Week and it's indisputable to see how much Mary-Kate and Ashley are picking up whilst working in the fashion industry.
Here are a few of my favourite looks from the collection-

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Victoria Beckham Fall 2014

Victoria Beckham is always a show that has a lot of anticipation leading up to it. To me, it's just fascinating seeing how much she has progressed in terms of fashion sense and style since the days of 'Posh Spice' and the leather catsuits. Every year, her collections grow more chic and elegant and this year was no exception. The theme this year was evidently ,minimalism with the exception of a couple of pieces. No collection could have portrayed Victoria's personal style better than this one and because I admire her style, this show was very appealing to me.

This collection was a lot more feminine than last seasons and I think this suits Victoria's ways of designing better than the boyish look she previously used as a theme, most probably because Victoria is one of the most feminine women on the planet. The make up was a very natural look which complemented the monochrome theme nicely Victoria said herself "I loved how gorgeous and naturally beautiful the girls were when they came for the castings.' which is what inspired the natural look. The hair was also subtle with a clear middle parting and in a low bun which kept the attention on the clothing. Brogue style shoes were worn often with feminine dresses which was a contrast I've seen a lot at recent shows but one I really like. The silhouette was long and straight and each piece was sharply tailored.

As expected, the Victoria Beckham show was chic, elegant and just as polished as the designer is herself.
Here are a few of my favourite looks from the collection-

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Alexander Wang Fall 2014

I am still in awe at the creativity of Alexander Wang. I loved the concept of having the models on a conveyer belt and the setting itself was genius (although, it made me a little dizzy watching it). Wang always comes up with an ingenious show and has a real aptitude for creating spectacular manifestations. Diane Kendal on behalf of NARS said backstage "Alex likes his girls to be quite boyish and very strong" which was certainly portrayed throughout this show with bleached eyebrows and sleek, short hair on all the models; Miley Cyrus inspired maybe?

This collection was all about polo necks and collars- a trend that I can see being very popular, especially in the UK. Another regular occurrence were thigh high boots which have been becoming increasingly popular over the past few months and also, boots that stop mid way between the foot and the knee which I've not seen as much of but again, can see becoming a huge trend. There were endless amounts of outwear in this collection, which I suppose is appropriate for the NY weather at the moment, and abundant amounts of it was oversized which has been a colossal trend so far at Fashion Week. The colour palette involved neon colours along with nude colours which is a particular favourite contrast of mine, notably for fall seasons. Bold patterns were also among the mix of themes in this innovative show and the texture of some pieces in particular was compelling.

All in all, I adore this collection and hope to see more designers following in Wang's footsteps creating more alluring sets like this. Definitely one of my favourites, if not my favourite, shows from NYFW I've seen so far.
Here are a few of my favourite looks from the show-

Monday, 10 February 2014

Kate Spade New York Fall 2014

As soon as I hear 'Kate Spade' florals, pastels and anything and everything to do with femininity comes to mind. It isn't the type of collection/brand I'd usually do a review on but I felt like a change so why not!? Putting aside a few looks that really aren't my taste, the fall 2014 collection is both chic, modern and I can see many of the pieces on New York's finest socialites.

Deborah Lloyd, KSNY's creative director, always portrays the femininity of the brand immaculately and this collection was no disappointment. The vast array of leopard print, primary colours and bold prints all add up to a quirky and idiosyncratic collection that would be any young girls dream! Deborah Lloyd based this collection on her recent visit to Japan and China which is why this was such unconventional collection compared to many other shows. She took the concept of brogues and loafers from her recent travels and I personally love the contrast of these shoes with the rest of the look.

I'll definitely be watching the next Kate Spade New York show as I've really enjoyed reviewing this collection and can definitely see some inspired looks I could create from it.
Here's some of my favourite looks from the collection-

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2014

Rebecca Minkoff is the epitome of chic and their fall collections in particular never fail to impress me. Every look in this collection reminds me of something Olivia Palermo would wear who, as some of you may know, is my style icon so this show was perfect for me. Usually,when I'm watching a show, there are always a few pieces that stand out to me and cause me to love the collection whereas with the Rebecca Minkoff show, nothing ever stands out to me immensely but I always fall in love with the entire collection. The show is always put together perfectly from the lighting and background to the music and this year AlunaGeorge played at the show and I couldn't think of a better duo than them to play at the show as their music represents the brand impeccably- modern, composed and à la mode.

The creative director, Rebecca Minkoff herself, said "It's about taking menswear-inspired silhouettes and translating them into feminine colours and silhouettes" and this was depicted perfectly throughout the collection. The colour palette was mainly classic fall colours along with some pastels which was a fabulous contrast. Silk dresses were layered under classic coats often with fur also and metallics were often paired with bold prints. 

As usual, Rebecca Minkoff's show was a huge success in my eyes and I hope she carries on in the direction that she's heading in because I love it!

Here are a few of my favourite looks- 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Jason Wu F/W 2014/15

I've never really took much interest in Jason Wu's previous collections however when I found out that Adriana Lima was opening the show I thought it would be worth a watch and it definitely was. This collection was full of long, angular silhouettes and an array of traditional fall colours. After researching some of the past collections, I've noticed a huge change in some of the pieces; Jason opted for a much more masculine look overall in comparison especially to his Spring and Fall collections of 2013, which is most probably because he has recently become creative director for Hugo Boss- a brand that is mainly recognised for it's menswear, and I definitely prefer this collection to any others of his I've viewed.

There was an unambiguous theme of oversized pieces throughout the show which mainly included bags and coats which is right up my street as I'm loving anything oversized at the moment which is probably why this collection appeals to me so much. Another theme incorporated into the show was metallics which wasn't quite as conspicuous as the oversized motif however it was ever so innovative of Wu to contrast metallics with plain fabrics and this really topped off a fabulous collection.

This collection was unequivocally one of the best I've ever seen from Jason Wu in my opinion and I hope to see more like this from him in his future collections.
Here are a few of my favourite looks from yesterdays show-

Supermodel Adriana Lima opening the show.

Karlie Kloss- the perfect end to any show.