Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Row Fall 2014

Mary-Kate and Ashley are two girls I have the uppermost respect for. They started off on a kids TV show in dungaree's and pinafore's and now they have their own show at NYFW and one that is looked upon highly by the fashion world. The fashion forward twins said backstage that they focused on 'shapes and draping' which was apparent when viewing the collection as detail was scarce in the majority of the pieces. I would expect a collection to be slightly tedious without detail however I think this was a very interesting collection and depicted the girls high-end style and their lavish taste in fabrics  impeccably.

We saw a lot of defined collars in this collection which was clearly a big contribution to the Olsen's idea of shapes as it carved the rest of the looks silhouette which was elongated. Many of the pieces were oversized but still tailored to fit the models flawlessly and were often paired with creased grey socks looking almost school-girl like which is a contrast many designers wouldn't risk. The colour pallet consisted of nudes and burgundy and although some people would class this as 'keeping it safe' I definitely think it is a risk restricting the colour pallet to only nude's and think it was sagacious of MK and Ashley to add a little pop of colour.

I see an improvement in the Olsen twins every time they present a new collection at Fashion Week and it's indisputable to see how much Mary-Kate and Ashley are picking up whilst working in the fashion industry.
Here are a few of my favourite looks from the collection-


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