Thursday, 2 January 2014

Oliva Huebl To Be!

Finally my favourite couple, Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl, are engaged! They are both so stylish and well-suited and their adorable Instagram posts show how very much in love with each other they are. I knew it couldn't be long until this fabulous couple took it to the next step and I can not wait for the wedding; I predict a classic take on it full of roses and a stunning cathedral-like building but then again, I can also imagine the wedding on a Hawaiian beach due to the couples love for the sun and tropical islands…Or maybe they'll save that for the honeymoon. There are endless ways this marriage could go! I can't even begin to imagine the dress, a lot of people think Olivia will go for  Vera Wang seeing as that would be the obvious choice for someone as chic and elegant as her, I think she might choose Oscar De La Renta as she has said before how cherish-able De La Renta's pieces are.  Johannes posted yet another charming video of the couple in St Barts which showed Olivia with a stunning engagement ring and the caption as 'Happy New Year to everyone and this is how we celebrate it. OP said Y E S'- this is why they're my favourite couple.

I've looked right back into Olivia & Johannes relationship in photo's below and what better time to do it!? 
Here it is, enjoy-

Hope you enjoyed this post and are as excited about their engagement as I am!

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