Sunday, 12 October 2014

Depop vs eBay

Selling items online is something that brings me great joy as money coming in means that money can go out and nothing makes me happier than a new purchase. eBay is the go to place for most online sales people however Depop is something new for the fashion fiends out there to unite. The difference between these two sites is that although eBay has a much wider variety and larger quantity of items, most of them look rather unappealing in the usually bad quality picture the seller has took. But with Depop, most of the items sold on there are ones that many people would consider wearing and are taken at much better quality and angle.

I have started to use Depop instead of eBay as it's much easier to access from an iPhone and the fact that you can have followers on there means that more people are seeing your items as they come up on their feed. I also find it much more straight forward to use and I enjoy picking filters and making my items look pretty.

This was just a quick post as I'd like to know all your opinions on these two sites and which one you would or do use of the two. Let me know in the comments and make sure to follow my Depop account @aliceporter as I have hundreds of things to sell.

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