Thursday, 7 June 2012

Soap and Glory 'Kick-Ass' Concealer Review

Hey everyone,

I'm really sorry I've not been posting as much recentley I've been sort of stuck on ideas so please comment with what you want to see. Anyway,I'm going to do a review on the Soap&Glory Kick Ass Concealer.

It has 3 parts and orange tone,a tone to match your skin colour and a powder. I put them on in that order and they cover up blemishes or what you're trying to cover up really well. However,the packaging is awful! I've dropped it once if that and the powder's smashed slightly and the powder pallet and creme pallet have fallen apart. Also the actual creme concealers have fallen out of the pallet. This maybe because it's not very expensive and the actual concealer is very good so I can't expect the packaging to be amazing but I just didn't expect it to fall apart that quick. I got it in January and it's still not run out but I can only use it when I'm in my own home because I can't take it out otherwise it spills everywhere.

What's your favourite concealer? Leave it in the comments!

hope you're all well xxx


  1. Hate when packaging is flimsy-price we pay when its a little cheaper than average!


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