Thursday, 7 June 2012

Summer Trends:Pastels

I've decided I'm going to start doing posts about different summer trends. My favourite summer trend is pastels because I love every single pastel colour!

Pastel Hair
Oh my goodness.I absoloutley love pastel hair,especially pink pastel hair! It looks amazing. I'm debating weither to ombre my hair pastel pink at the moment,what's your opinions?

Ahh,this is absoloutley stunning! It goes from pastel pink to white/blonde to a turquoise colour. The sunglasses look really good with it aswell!

This is by far my favourite pastel colour hair! I love the way it goes from a dark pink to a very light pink but yet the're both pastel colours!

Pastel Clothing
I love pastel clothing but it's hard to find things to wear them with.

I was so tempted to buy this gorgeous blouse in Urban Outfitters when I was in the Liverpool Store the other day. I think it's beautiful but I just couldn't afford it for £45 :(

-Urban Outfitters

I was also tempted to buy these shorts but decided against it because they weren't cheap and they wouldn't go with much but I definitely am going to get these from Urban Outfitters also.

Both of these Leggings/Jeggings are from Topshop for £15 and they come in many other pastel colours. However you can get the exact same ones in pastel colours in Primark which have now been reduced to £3! I couldn't believed it and picked up the mint green and lilac pair!

Pastel Shoes
I do not own any Pastel Shoes at the moment and I'm just looking for a nice affordable pair.

 I have a Creepers obsession at the moment and I LOVE this lilac pair. I especially love the way the threading at the front,the lace and the platfrom is white instead of black and makes it really summery!
I love this huge platform!
These boat shoes from Urban Outfitters are really nice and have many different pastel colours in them!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I'm thinking about doing a pastel lookbook,please comment if you would like to see one!


  1. I am loving pastel clothing at the moment!


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