Sunday, 13 January 2013

Style Crush: Olivia Palermo

I have been majorly girl crushing on Olivia Palermo for quite some time now and it's impossible to deny that her style is just incredible; And with her gorgeous looks as well she is just flawless. She manages to look classy all the time and is always slipping in current trends into her looks. She even adds a sort of grungy casual look at times and with that gorgeous boyfriend of hers as well she looks like she's just been pulled straight out of a Burberry catwalk. Here are some of my favourite looks Olivia has created...

Olivia looks very casual but amazing her! She uses lots of khaki pieces which was very obviously the winter colour and knee high boots are on trend at the moment. The leather sleeves are such a statement in this outfit and I love the way she's used a fur collar to add a pop to it because who doesn't love fur?
This is definitely one of my favourite looks Olivia has ever created as it's so classy yet so simple. Her wine coulured top is just stunning and again, that colour is so on trend at the moment. Again, she has used a jacket with leather sleeves to add a more interesting touch to the outfit. Her shoes are just gorgeous and you can never go wrong with nude pumps. My favourite part of the outfit is probably the gold jewlerry as it just looks fabulous with the colour and fit of the top.
I've changed my mind; This is by far my favourite look. Olivia is once again using the gorgeous leather  sleeve blazer and is amazing at styling this jacket differently. She's kept her outfit monochrome however the skirt adds a pattern to it which looks very fun. THESE SHOES. Olivia's shoes are just beautiful,I really would not mind her shoe collection at all! My favourite touch to the outfit, is definitey the fur collar is this adds another element of class and feminimity. 
This is a very famous look of Olivia's and you can probably tell why. She's wearing a very basic outfit with only dark colours but to add some fun to it she adds this stunning neon yellow coat which is such an amazing fit on her and really does just look fabulous. These types of shoes are my favourite types of flats and are very feminine and pretty and I love the look of these. The leahter leggings make it a bit less girly and she really does just have everything in this outfit.

So there was a few examples of Olivia's unreal style and I hope you agree with me when I say she is just flawless. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I'm sure you will of seen my love for Olivia all over there. If you don't make sure you follow me-

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Hope you've all enjoyed this post! Comment who your style crush is and what you think about my blog. I'm hapy to take a look at anyones blogs. Hope your 2013's are going fabulously so far and all the best for the rest of the year! X


  1. oh ive always loved her style! she's so chic and classic, but then her outfits always have fun and interesting details. she also rocks colors and patterns like nobodys business

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. I love Olivia's style as well, that yellow coat was from old navy...and after she wore it, it of course flew off the racks.....

    1. It's a stunning coat! Such a statement piece x

  3. I adore Olivia's style, even though I have no clue why she's always in the public eye, she mixes colours beautifully and has an exquisite collection of heels and coats. P.S Do you have GFC?

    1. She's a model and actress! I agree! Yes, you can follow me to the right of my page x

  4. She is seriously so amazing - and can do no wrong!

    Pearls & Paws

    1. I know, I can't even her imagine her in a bad outfit! X

  5. Completely agree! First saw her on the City and now i always look out for her everrywhere!

    Much love,

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