Sunday, 17 November 2013

Victoria's Secret- THE HYPE.

The time has come again for the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and personally, I love it! It's definitely my guilty pleasure and I'm full of excitement when watching the show and in the shop. The femininity and allurement of it is just so desirable and the angels are so stunning. A lot of people who have never been to the shop or watched one of the shows or had something to do with VS don't understand what people see in it and it really is hard to explain because the explanation starts off with 'It's a lingerie shop' which doesn't sound all that interesting but it's not just the lingerie; It's seeing the beautiful models and the atmosphere of it all that is really intriguing. People have said to me before 'What's the difference in it to a different lingerie shop?' and if you didn't know that much about it, you wouldn't see much difference but the statement pink and white stripe print, along with a lot of other things, feels so good to wear however snobby that sounds. Don't judge until you've been there for yourself!

The actual shop is hard to even describe, I could and have spent hours in there. Unfortunately, there are very few Victoria's Secrets in the UK and I think this is a big part of the hype. People always say 'You always want what you can't have' and I think this is very relevant to the hype of VS; I live in Liverpool and for the past year or so I would have to travel all the way to London to visit a Victoria's Secret shop so obviously I was over joyed when they opened one in the Trafford Centre (which is still a long drive from where I live). But it's so exciting when I'm able to go to the shop and I think if there was one close to me or they were common in the UK, then it would take the shine off it a little bit. This is why I'm unsure if VS is as hyped about in the US because there are hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of VS shops over there.

I just felt the need to do a post like this, first of all because of the filming of the VS Fashion Show last week (although it's not being aired till the 10th December) and second of all because I find the ever-growing interest in Victoria's Secret really interesting and wanted to hear your opinions on it! So let me know what you think of Victoria's Secret and the hype over it in the comments!

A few pictures from the show…

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