Friday, 31 August 2012

I want!!

Basically, these are all the items I want but can't afford at the moment! (There are a lot!!)

This bag isn't too expensive actually. But I don't really need a new clutch and I know they have a bag almost the same as this in Primark for much cheaper. Although when I went into the shop a few days ago,they didn't have it.

Ahhh,the studded Jeffery Campbell Lita's are stuning! Would do anything for a pair but can not afford them at the price of £118!

I tried this gorgeous jumper on in Topshop. But I can't pay almost £40 for such a simple item. Well,I might consider buying it when it gets to the winter but not yet.

This is the NARS Summer 2012 blush. It's a gorgeous summer that would compliment lots of skin tones. I can't afford this at the moment though but I'm hoping I will be able to soon:(

Hope you all enjoyed this post:) 

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