Thursday, 2 August 2012

Style Crush-Lana Del Rey

I've decided to do a few of these 'Style Crush' posts as I'm inspired by a lot of celebrities fashion!
Lana Del Rey's fashion is unreal. She mixes classy with grunge and wears hightops with Jones&Jones dress'! She's very brave and confident and is one of my favourite fashion icons.

I love this outfit and the way she's worn her River Island high tops with quite a girly outfit. Lana has found many unique ways to wear these high tops and she looks amazing! She's mixed different shades of pink/orange/coral's with her blouse and skirt and you wouldn't expect them to look good together but they do! She put the leapord print belt in there to make it a statement outfit and it has! Love this look!

Here's the outfit again but Lana has put a boyfriend styled army print jacket over it for a more casual look. These jackets are everywhere right now!

This look is very boho but smart. This dress is stunning I love the the way it's more sheer towards the button and Lana looks amazing in anything with a collar!

Lana looks amazing here! This dress is so stunning and it looks really good with the cross necklace. One thing I really like about Lana Del Rey is, she always wears things that you wouldn't expect to look good together but they look fabulous!

Hope you're all well xxxx

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