Saturday, 8 November 2014

Better Late Than Never...

I know Halloween is last weeks news and I wasn't planning on doing a post on this as beauty isn't something I usually include on my blog. However, as I really did try this year for Halloween, I thought why not tell you all about it?! I was feeling pretty sociable on Halloween and managed to make it out on the Friday and the Saturday. On the Friday I dressed as a Vampire (I know, how cliche)  and even though my outfit wasn't anything too exciting, my make-up was what really made the look. On the Saturday I decided to go as something a little more original and dressed as a 'Candy Skull' and even though my make-up, which I did myself, wasn't half as good as the previous night, the look itself was something different to what everyones used to seeing on Halloween.

On Friday, I wore a maroon lace dress from Topshop that has been worn by 95% of the girls I know but I decided to ignore this fact and wear it because the colour and fabric does remind me of something a vampire would wear. My make-up was done by Maria at Lady Muck in Liverpool (find her on Instagram @mariamakeups) and she really is extraordinary. It was a mutual decision between the two of us to go as a slightly glamorous vampire, hence the gems on my head, however my favourite part of the look she created was definitely  the eyebrows; she drew them on in under 2 minutes and they looked 10 times better than when I spend half an hour on them.

Close up of make-up.
The dress.

Selfie/Close up of make-up (sort of). 
On Saturday, I wore a purple silk dress from River Island which I belted and a flower headband also from River Island. Usually, I really do despise these flower headbands on anyone apart from Lana Del Rey but I thought for Halloween, I could make an exception. I did my own make-up for this look which is why it's no where near as good as the previous nights but it's still fairly effective along with the rest of the costume.

This is the best picture of my outfit, sorry :(

I apologise for being so late with the Halloween post but hopefully some of you will have enjoyed this post anyhow and maybe you can take some inspiration for next year! Also, I'd also like to apologise for the terrible quality of these photos but as I said I wasn't planning on a blog post so iPhone camera is the best you're going to get!


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