Monday, 10 November 2014

I'd Rather Be In Paris

Last August, I visited the city of fashion, love and dreams, Paris. This is the first time I've ever been to Paris (excluding Disneyland) and I fell in love, it is officially my favourite place in the world. I never got round to posting any pictures on to my blog from my trip and although they were taken on an iPhone camera I thought I'd share them with you to bring a little bit of Paris to your Monday morning.

Sisters ready to take on Paris!
It was a rather spontaneous trip as my mum, my sister & I only booked the train tickets and hotel room a couple of weeks before going as when we returned from a week in Mallorca, we couldn't bare the thought of rest of the summer in rainy England. We got the train from Liverpool to London and we then travelled on the Eurostar from St Pancras to Paris; each journey was about 2 hours and I prefer trains to the hassle of a plane. We stayed in the 'Best Western Le Patio Saint Antoine' and it was nice enough considering the only time we spent in there was when we were sleeping. The convenience of this hotel is that it was only a 5 minute walk from 'Nation' Metro station and only a very short journey to wherever we were going.

View from the Eifell Tower.
View from the Eifell tower. 
The first full day we spent in Paris, we were your typical English tourists. To start the day, we visited the Louvre museum however decided against waiting in the never-ending queue to get inside and instead admired the beautiful architecture of the exterior. We then made our way through the Tuileries Garden and headed to the River Seine to see the Ponts des Arts also known as the love lock bridge. I've always marvelled at pictures of this bridge and it topped my expectations when I saw it up close. Next, we headed to the boat that transported us to the Eifell Tower. As we pre-booked tickets, we managed to beat the queues and we were headed straight to the top of this extraordinary piece of architecture; the views from the top were quite literally indescribable. An experience I'll never forget. For afternoon tea, we chose an exquisite cafe called 'Angelinas'; I enjoyed the most delicious hot chocolate and some macaroons. We finished off the day by doing a spot of shopping on the Rue Cambon, a place any fashion lover must visit during their lifetime.

The Eifell Tower from the River Seine. 
Myself at the Louvre.

Looking a little too excited about being at the top of the Eifell Tower.
Afternoon tea at Angelina's.

First ever Chanel on the Rue Cambon.

Love lock bridge.

We spent day two at Disneyland Paris for my little sister (and secretly me, I am a Disney enthusiast) and although spending the day here isn't fully grasping the Paris experience, it was a really fun day reminiscing on my previous visit to Disneyland and obviously taking full advantage of the fact we were in the most magical place in the world! No one can deny loving Disney, especially me.

I've always wanted to be a Disney princess...
Walt Disney Studios!

It's a small world!

Mickey Mouse slush!

The Disney Parade!

Day three was my favourite day of all, shopping (and of course, a little bit of sightseeing). We started our day at the Arc De Triomphe, a dazzling piece of architecture with some really interesting stories behind it. We then made our way down the Champs Elysees and did a fair bit of shopping but who wouldn't when surrounded by every designer shop you could think of?! Next was the Galeries Lafayette, the most incredible shopping centre I've ever visited and coming from a serious shopaholic, that's saying something. We enjoyed ice cream on the rooftop whilst admiring unimaginable views, an experience I re-live every day. After a long walk through the streets of Paris, we headed to a metro station and made our way back to the River Seine where we found a hidden away restaurant and enjoyed a traditional French meal. To end the trip of a lifetime, we headed back to the Ponts Des Arts and witnessed the Eifell Tower lit up which was something words cannot describe.
Just in case anyone's wondering where to buy my Christmas present...

Cookie Dough ft. Eifell Tower.

Rooftop of the Galleries Lafayette.

L'Arc De Triomphe.

Avenue des Champs Elysees.

Laduree-home of the best macaroons you will ever taste.


Leaving the city was awful and after this trip I know I am made for Paris. I'm definitely going back in the near future and I'd love to live there at some point in my life. Let me know in the comments if you've ever been to Paris or plan on going in the future!

Also, if anyone's wondering where my outfits are from...

Day 1-
Dress-River Island
Boots- Kurt Geiger
Bag-River Island
Necklace- Zara
Watch- Michael Kors

Day 2-
Trousers- Topshop
Top- Asos
Unsure where my checked shirt is from but it's from the mens department if that helps!

Day 3-
Top-Urban Outfitters
Heeled Boots- Forever 21
Sandals- Office (yes, I had to switch to flats.)
Bag- River Island
Sunglasses- Dior
Watch- Michael Kors


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